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Enhancing data in the era of – “BIGDATA” and “CLOUD”





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Bigdata for years and now is the most famous topic everyone’s been talking about.  The data to be stored securely can be so large or complex that the traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them.

The analysis, capture, data curation, visualization and information privacy are the challenges in the handling of the huge data. Apart from these to make them easily access data by increasing the agility in making decisions with the data. The concept of the big data and cloud are becoming standard for many organizations as every organization tries to create more value out of it.

This trend in the era of the data-driven business approach targets a growing transverse variety of data and it is more difficult to include all data assets as part of next generation data. To allow the master of a company data in the environment where they can react quickly to the business needs.

It is clear that the projected growth in the population will require huge resources for storage of all the enterprise data especially those which are hard to access by the legacy platforms like the mainframe which is the most critical data assets with the emerging data from the internet of things.

To make the bigdata cloud technology bit simple for the companies to handle and manage the proper visibility to data lineage. Following steps can be taken by it to resolve few issues related top big data:

  • Ensure easy and secure access to all data assets as the data is populated in the data lake.
  • One should make sure that the selected functions can adapt to the changing technology.
  • The selected tools and products can be integrated and keep up with the speed of the bigdata stack.
  • By following the product based approach to custom coding for repeatability, simplicity, and productivity.
  • Create a streamlined, standardized and secure process to collect transform and distribute data.
  • By making data quality as a priority and by creating business rules to validate match and clean the data as it will get populated as it is in the form of a data lake.
  • Organizations should ensure that the data should stay intact and its recovery can be done anytime even when the next generation data measure changes. Thus it should be flexible with both the changes
  • One should also have the information from where the data is coming and taking into account all the system of the business processes




” BIGDATA” is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to cloud to gaming”



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