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As 500m yahoo accounts were hacked in 2014, yahoo customers affected by the incident and were advised to change their passwords, review accounts and to consider using yahoo authentication tool to remove the needs for passwords.

The word’s population is just over 7.3 billion people just 3.2 billion of these have a connection to the internet. This time 1 billion accounts were hacked, it is likely that most people online have had their details or their data compromised in one way or the other.

The latest data violation doesn’t include payment or credit card details but the highly personal information may have included name, email addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, hashed passwords and in some cases encrypted and unencrypted security questions and answers.

In response to the findings yahoo said it has used forensic experts, it is notifying all customers who were affected and has taken steps to secure their accounts. Security questions that were encrypted have been disabled.  UK customers of sky and BT Email services which were powered by yahoo were told to update their passwords

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