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why javascript on microcontrollers makes sense

JavaScript requires more resources than other code, and it might not be the best idea for every embedded application. But, there are some great benefits as a dynamic, interpreted language on a microcontroller, especially for Internet of things devices. The core parts of your embedded operating system including the scheduler, peripheral devices and network stack will remain native.

Many of the event driven model only run a networking stack and some peripherals, respond either to events from the network, some interrupts the real time clock. Using an event loop for scheduling rather than manual scheduling.

Event loops give us additional benefit. When we are aware of all scheduling, our operating system is allowed to take over the sleep management system on your device. One of the difficult problems in building IoT devices is security patching devices in the field.

A higher level language also allows us to think of new ways of writing code by using faster on development tools. The simulator provides an excellent way of shortening the develop test feedback loop from minutes to seconds.

JavaScript on microcontrollers provides interesting new programming models. We can create new development tools that shorten the development test feedback loop. Thus it would proof to be a great prototype tool and cost effective choice for teams doing smaller runs of hardware.


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