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The Eye Tribal : The Eye Tracking System by oculus


The official acquisition of facebook and oculus has given us a direction to look one could control the virtual reality or mobile experience through eyes. The start-up has developed a $99 eye tracking device developer kits for computers and software that can bring Gaze based interface to smartphones and potentially virtual reality headsets.

As per the reports Google has also produced an eye tracking start-up too called eyefluence. Virtual reality systems are doing a pretty good job of immersing users in their virtual worlds, with convincing sound and visuals that put users in the middle of the action.

The simplest concern of a virtual reality system is that the user experience of viewing the things and controlling the things by the gaze of the user. The eye tracking technology is truly convincing as the user gaze is vital source here. An area where today’s VR technology is less effective is interactivity, which is based on monitoring users and ascertaining their intentions.

The tech can do a lot of new things as per as the advancement, the features may include auto scrolling of text while reading or sheet music while playing an instrument and the ability to pause or control a video player with your eyes if your hands are not vacant, moreover one can use eye tracking to let you teleport around your location or show the movement of your eyes. Perhaps after the advancement in the biometrics as used in aadhar card too, the retina scanner use in various purpose for unlocking the lock or else for the security purpose is an eye-candy for user experience and a lot more innovation in this will be definitely going to happen in the coming decades.

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