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Smart locks with built-in cameras

Smart locks are the advanced lock system. Smart locks aren’t just for smart houses  they’re made for smart businesses, too. These was founded by apple in around 2013. It also includes Bluetooth smarts and a companion app, the M-Series is an enterprise-focused deadbolt designed to help landlords and business-owners offer smarter, keyless access to tenants, employees, and customers.

Keeping aside the old system of the locking system in an Aside from using a key to unlock it the old-fashioned way, you can open up the M-Series lock by waving an NFC-equipped card in front of it, or by punching in a code on the touchscreen. There’s also a companion app that connects to the lock via Bluetooth and lets authorized users inside with just a tap. It also includes a built-in wide-angle camera that snaps a photo every time someone uses the lock. That’s an interesting addition given the popularity of smart, camera-equipped doorbells like ring and Skybell HD.

The deadbolt’s design is so fantastic. The “M” in M-Series stands for “mortise,” a recessed deadbolt design that separates the cylinder from the latch. August is trying something similar in the residential market with a mortise-style smart lock of its own, so this might be an aperture to keep an eye on as the smart-lock category continues to grow. Some smart locks, such as the August, offer add-on cameras and microphones, but you have to buy those accessories separately; meanwhile doorbells like the Ring have a camera but don’t allow for electronic keys or remote activation.

The Gate is a WiFi-connected deadbolt that features video calling and a motion-activated security camera. Say your partner is a latchkey but forgot her keys at office. Rather to stay in the front steps to wait for you to get home, he just has to press the Call button on the Gate. This sends a notification to your phone and activates the 720p color camera. You can speak to him via the app (there are speakers and a mic embedded in the lock assembly) to remotely unlock the door for her.

And for routine guests, you can text temporary unlock codes to their phones that they can punch into the keypad and then easily enter the house. They won’t need to download any apps to use these codes either, since the code arrives via SMS. Plus, all of its communications, video and audio recordings are 256-bit encrypted and stored in the cloud. To keep the house or your belongings safe you can use such locks in future to prevent the things from robbery and house break. Moreover it ensures us from stealing our things. By providing the encrypted and high authenticated security features.


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