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LeEco’s new Android-powered smart bikes are new charm to the automation industry

In the fast changing world technologies are getting evolve in each day. The new tech trends are increasing day by day and each advancement increasing new inventions to sustain in this high-tech world. After smartphones, smart watches and smart cars, here is now a smart bicycle for bicycle enthusiasts. It must be inconvenient to use your smartphones while riding your bicycles, especially for navigation and maps.



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One will be very amazed if the person get the combination of smartphone and bicycle in one product. The device rests between the handle bars, with a 4 Inch display and runs Google Android. It is powered by 1.3 GHz quad core processor and has 4GB of RAM. It has a laser pointers and a heart rate monitor. These bicycle is also equipped with built-in speaker and a camera.



The bike is made from carbon fibre and titanium. The crossbar is thicker than normal, as it helps in the controls for some of the bike’s smart functions like the built-in bike lock, the lights and the camera function. There is a chain bolt that will slide into place when you lock the bike, so that it will not be it ridden away.

There are built-in front and back lights those are automatic. The bike also has indicator lights on the end of the handlebars. The company has installed lasers on the bicycle in order to indicate presence to other nearby motorists and to have a safe distance from the other bikes. These happens as it is emitting red light beam on each side of the bike.



  • Navigation via GPS
  • Keeps a record of the route you travelled
  • The laser beams emit a red light on either side of the bike which prevents a passing by car or motorbike to keep a safe distance
  • The bike is in built with a button which immediately blocks the rear wheel and also has an Anti theft system which blares an alarm whenever the wheels are lifted over the ground
  • The smartphone battery charges by itself on pedaling
  • The sensors built in the handle grip helps to measure your heart beat
  • The lights are lit only by waving your hand over it. The light system has sensors which also adjust the brightness.
  • The camera installed in between the handle bars can capture videos.





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