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How to hack Gmail accounts !! A Detailed Tutorial !

How to hack e-mail accounts !! A Detailed Tutorial !



OK ?

Here is the “CORRECT” answer,

I’m merely disappointed by the number of technically illiterate people around the world. The most popular question in any hacking related site is “How to hack e-mail” its not tolerated in any security/hacking related forum and if asked you can expect to get a rant from people. the reason is simple because there are NO ways of hacking a e-mail address by easy means and the people who know this fact often get very annoyed when most people don’t understand WHY its NOT POSSIBLE !

The hacking of a e-mail is possible when a person who owns the account gets hacked. the other way is to hack them directly from the e-mail servers which is most unlikely because these sites use sophisticated Intrusion Detection and highly skilled consultants who are up to date with exploits and patch’s. unless you are a real professional hacker its highly unlikely you will ever break into a e-mail server.

People MUST understand that there are NO PROGRAMS/SOFTWARE’S that can hack a e-mail password when you enter an e-mail address. to understand this better let me explain you how e-mail works

Lets say you have a gmail account

When you enter your username and password and hit login what happens is your outgoing e-mail server encrypts the login information and sends over the network to its destination which is a gmail server which can ONLY decrypt the encrypted credentials then these were checked against its database and if they match it will re direct you to your mail inbox. to authenticate you with the gmail server, it will send you a cookie ( a text file ) with a session ID to your browser confirming that you are authenticated so the gmail server.

So there was a time when e-mail servers gave the option to NOT to use SSL cause it slows down the e-mail. because of the time it takes to encrypt. it was a “happy time” for the hackers who simply used a wifi hotspot to sniff session ID and break into emails !!! why ? because If anyone sniffs your session ID he can use it to login into you mail WITHOUT the password because the session ID is the proof of authentication as I mentioned earlier ^ but with almost all the e-mail servers NOW use a SSL encryption and the Session ID is also encrypted so by sniffing its NOT possible to decrypt the ID !

So there goes Packet Sniffing 🙁

You may ask so what ? why the encryption cannot be cracked ?

Because The encryption uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer and public/Private key encryptions technique which is almost impossible to crack. Do some Research on these terms and you will know why its not possible to crack/

If you’re curious and patient enough read this else Skip

So now the next possible way is to somehow hack into the gmail servers and pull the password hash’s and then crack them. well, sadly not many people have succeeded doing it because its highly impossible and way too risky

Now after reading all this you might have a slight idea why I ask people who claim “they can hack any e-mail” to prove it !! so if you can make a program that can somehow bypass all the security and bring the password from the gmail server then you deserve a noble prize !!!


Ok you clearly know its almost impossible but the good news is that its possible to hack a individuals computer or a web server. most people lack of common sense and so many people have NO technical knowledge whatsoever. so by hacking them its possible to steal their passwords.

Because we can’t hack the password from the servers but we can hack it from the people who use it..

There are so many ways.. here are some of the methods,

1. Fake Login page – Fake page also known as phishing. This process involves creating a fake login page of a certain e-mail and tweaking the password authentication process so when the user inserts login details it will be sent to the hacker. This is the easiest way to hack when the victim has no technical knowledge.

2. Social Engineering – Humans have certain weaknesses and this process involves exploiting someone’s weakness to retrieve a credential such as a password. for an e.g: There are many incidents in the past like once when a hacker phoned a employee of a company (victim) and identified himself as the Technical Engineer of that company and instructed the employee (victim) to follow a set of FAKE system error checking and eventually received his login password from him by simply convincing him to reveal them. its just simple as that/ it does takes lot of confidence and skill.

3. Keylogger – Its an application which runs hidden from a user in the background and logs/records all the keystrokes of a user. when a user types something it will be recorded and saved. when the system goes online the recorded details will be sent to the hacker. which can contain a e-mail login detail. the keyloggers are outdated and most of them are detected by anti-virus programs. but when used in a LAN network or when the hacker has physical access to a system it proves to be effective. so if your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you this is the way to go.. but I still think smart people don’t keep “cheating related e-mails in their inbox” he he

The downfall of keyloggers are that not many keyloggers can be deployed remotely and they are often picked by anti-virus programs (which can be avoided by using code obfuscation or packing/crypting, changing Entry point..but its more complex)

Another downfall of keylogger is that most of them don’t use any encryption and the data is sent as it is, with a skilled reverse engineer its possible to track down the hacker by breaking the file and analysing the code.

4. Trojans – Programs which are often known as backdoors. these programs are similar to keyloggers but they can execute certain commands sent by the hacker. most Trojans have a built in password stealer which is an application that can steal stored browser passwords. also in addition they have far more sophisticated functions such as webcam capture (YES the hacker can see you when you pick your nose) ability to browse/download/edit your files and folders, audio recording, etc.. different Trojans have different functions. All hacker has to do is create a server and send it to the victim and once the victim opens the file it will drop into the victims system and connect to hackers client. now he can issue commands to his server which is in the victims computer and manipulate it whatever the way he likes.

Trojans are very easy to use and most of them use encryption and security evasion techniques and there are TONS of tutorials all over internet if anyone interested in using them.

I hope I have covered enough information. so next time when you see someone asking “How to hack email” Please point it to this thread. so he/she don’t waste his/her time and money.

My advise is if you have a personal issue such as cheating/breaking up I encourage you to sort them by other means. or maybe Go see a doctor. if she dumped you


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The notification of the apple ios upgrade brings some important fixes that make it an important and essentially required update. It has announced this update after four betas and six weeks of public testing and the end result the update which doesn’t fascinated the users as much as it should. The ios 10 compatible devices will get this update. To get this update is damn simple as the update prompts is received in the device automatically but if one don’t get the update as notification as it can happen one can go into the settings and then general settings and one can found the software update option right there if their device is compatible enough for the update.

By clicking in then software update option one can get their devices updated frequently without any other formalities. Ios updates will be differ in the size depending on the user device. The ios 10.2.1 is on the small side at between 30 MB to 90 MB, but its appearances may change accordingly so that is a very big deal some users can face.

Though the update is tested by the several users and as the apple has promised its user to deal with the battery drainage bug in the device. But he has not done that perfectly which makes its users quite dull and unhappy as it is found that the update has made the 30 % battery drainage even worse after their devices are updated. Affected users began commenting or tweeting after the updates are done they were not found it so worthfull.


So what was the deal?

The jailbreaker :

The meaning of the above word in the software world is the modifications in the smartphone or other electronics devices to remove the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or the operator.  In the ios 10.2.1 update there is no jailbreak and with these to hack ios proving increasingly any user who wants the jailbroken devices will need to stay clear.

The other bug that is making the people insane is the 30 % battery drainage remains unfixed. As per as the reports from several big users but the bug of the battery discharge has not been resolved. According to the apple there is no bug that exists in any iphone model except the iphone 6s. People are becoming more exhausted of this bug rather than the other ones. Other bit problems that users experience was the dimming displays and degraded wifi performance and some Bluetooth issues.


So what should we expect?

The ios 10.2.1 is a bug fix pure, simple and improves the security of the device. There were some vulnerabilities ios 10.2.1 fixes across like auto unlock, wifi and webkit flaws. By all this issues the move that the apple made is quite frustrating. About 30% bug is absurd. Ios 10.2.1 is widely regarded as causing the problem so as an ios update will be able to fix it or not the users wants to know.






Enhancing data in the era of – “BIGDATA” and “CLOUD”

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Enhancing data in the era of – “BIGDATA” and “CLOUD”





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Bigdata for years and now is the most famous topic everyone’s been talking about.  The data to be stored securely can be so large or complex that the traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them.

The analysis, capture, data curation, visualization and information privacy are the challenges in the handling of the huge data. Apart from these to make them easily access data by increasing the agility in making decisions with the data. The concept of the big data and cloud are becoming standard for many organizations as every organization tries to create more value out of it.

This trend in the era of the data-driven business approach targets a growing transverse variety of data and it is more difficult to include all data assets as part of next generation data. To allow the master of a company data in the environment where they can react quickly to the business needs.

It is clear that the projected growth in the population will require huge resources for storage of all the enterprise data especially those which are hard to access by the legacy platforms like the mainframe which is the most critical data assets with the emerging data from the internet of things.

To make the bigdata cloud technology bit simple for the companies to handle and manage the proper visibility to data lineage. Following steps can be taken by it to resolve few issues related top big data:

  • Ensure easy and secure access to all data assets as the data is populated in the data lake.
  • One should make sure that the selected functions can adapt to the changing technology.
  • The selected tools and products can be integrated and keep up with the speed of the bigdata stack.
  • By following the product based approach to custom coding for repeatability, simplicity, and productivity.
  • Create a streamlined, standardized and secure process to collect transform and distribute data.
  • By making data quality as a priority and by creating business rules to validate match and clean the data as it will get populated as it is in the form of a data lake.
  • Organizations should ensure that the data should stay intact and its recovery can be done anytime even when the next generation data measure changes. Thus it should be flexible with both the changes
  • One should also have the information from where the data is coming and taking into account all the system of the business processes




” BIGDATA” is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to cloud to gaming”



A brilliant approach towards “CYBERSECURITY”

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A brilliant approach towards “CYBERSECURITY”



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Cyber security is the branch of the technologies that is formed by the processes and practices to protect the network and computer programs along with data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. For the computing context, as the web to connect with the world and several information by using the internet, we also require security. So that our wok or data doesn’t get trapped by the unwanted or unknown peoples. There are several approaches world is using and making their data secure and by adding more high-level security patches.

As the technologies are evolving the new security features are added but as there are two faces of coins like two faces of everything along with positivity and development of something good there are means that can turn out to be in another track leading it into negative side. There are several major areas in which cyber security is essential are application security, information security, network security and disaster recovery

The blockchain provides an alternative approach to storing and sharing information provides a way out of this security mess. The hacking technology has also made a great move in the tampering the user network and making the information out by steal and spoof identities. The block chain’s technology has enabled secure transactions with the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum could now serve as the tool for preventing the cyber attacks and security incidents.

Blockchains can increase security on the three ways:

Blocking identity theft

Stopping denial of service attacks

Data tampering



It is a popular form of cryptography that provides security for e-mails, messaging applications, websites and another medium of communications. The encrypted end to end information provides the user authorities to have safe conversations. It will definitely provide people the authenticated way to users conversation by securing it from the third party. In blockchain, the publishing keys on a blockchain instead would eliminate the risk of the failure and false key propagation and remove the shadow of the doubt.

Certcoin is the first implementations of the block-chain-based PKI. It removes the central authorities altogether and uses the block chain as a distributed platform of domains. It also provides a public and auditable PKI that also doesn’t have a single point of failure. Another tech research company Pomcor published a blueprint for a blockchain based PKI that doesn’t remove central authorities but uses blockchains to store hashes of issued and revoked certificates with a decentralized and transparent source. It also has the benefit of optimizing network access by performing key and signature verification on local copies of the blockchain.



We sometimes use sign documents and files with private keys so that the recipient and users can verify the source handling data. The blockchain alternative to document signing replaces the transparency, distributing evidence across many blockchains nodes making it practically impossible to manipulate data without getting caught.



A blockchain project led by the data security startup guard time is one group that aims to replace the key based authentication. KSI stores the hashes of the data and files on the blockchain and verifies other copies by running several algorithms and comparing the results that is stored on the blockchain.

In the evolving new tech trends, cybersecurity threats will continue to emerge while the old threats are in continuation. Blockchain may not be a good source to fix everything that is wrong with the internet but it is the powerful tool that will definitely lessen the risk of threats that surround us, especially where centralized weaknesses and single point of failures are concerned.




” For every lock there is someone out there trying to pick it or break in”

Smart locks with built-in cameras

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Smart locks with built-in cameras

Smart locks are the advanced lock system. Smart locks aren’t just for smart houses  they’re made for smart businesses, too. These was founded by apple in around 2013. It also includes Bluetooth smarts and a companion app, the M-Series is an enterprise-focused deadbolt designed to help landlords and business-owners offer smarter, keyless access to tenants, employees, and customers.

Keeping aside the old system of the locking system in an Aside from using a key to unlock it the old-fashioned way, you can open up the M-Series lock by waving an NFC-equipped card in front of it, or by punching in a code on the touchscreen. There’s also a companion app that connects to the lock via Bluetooth and lets authorized users inside with just a tap. It also includes a built-in wide-angle camera that snaps a photo every time someone uses the lock. That’s an interesting addition given the popularity of smart, camera-equipped doorbells like ring and Skybell HD.

The deadbolt’s design is so fantastic. The “M” in M-Series stands for “mortise,” a recessed deadbolt design that separates the cylinder from the latch. August is trying something similar in the residential market with a mortise-style smart lock of its own, so this might be an aperture to keep an eye on as the smart-lock category continues to grow. Some smart locks, such as the August, offer add-on cameras and microphones, but you have to buy those accessories separately; meanwhile doorbells like the Ring have a camera but don’t allow for electronic keys or remote activation.

The Gate is a WiFi-connected deadbolt that features video calling and a motion-activated security camera. Say your partner is a latchkey but forgot her keys at office. Rather to stay in the front steps to wait for you to get home, he just has to press the Call button on the Gate. This sends a notification to your phone and activates the 720p color camera. You can speak to him via the app (there are speakers and a mic embedded in the lock assembly) to remotely unlock the door for her.

And for routine guests, you can text temporary unlock codes to their phones that they can punch into the keypad and then easily enter the house. They won’t need to download any apps to use these codes either, since the code arrives via SMS. Plus, all of its communications, video and audio recordings are 256-bit encrypted and stored in the cloud. To keep the house or your belongings safe you can use such locks in future to prevent the things from robbery and house break. Moreover it ensures us from stealing our things. By providing the encrypted and high authenticated security features.


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How PHP Differ From Other Technology ?

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How PHP Differ From Other Technology ?


PHP is one of the simplest server-side languages out there, and it was designed primarily for web development. Learning PHP is good not only because it adds one more language to your toolbelt, but also because there is a large number of sites currently built with WordPress, a content management system (CMS) built with PHP.

PHP is a popular scripting language which is widely used by developers to build application and websites like ASP, CGI, and Perl. PHP is used for WordPress and even Facebook utilizes PHP. It always comes with a certain level of credibility and popularity.

PHP is one of the most in- demand skills that each and every developer should adopt. It has almost every aspect that the developer requires for programming. Website development seems incomplete without the use of PHP. The following are the reason that make PHP so popular are given below:


  1. Rapid Application Development
  2. Cloud Ready
  3. Loosely Typed
  4. Open Source
  5. Platform Independent

The other various points which make it different from other is it is easy to learn and it is similar to C and JAVA to an extent. Even if developer only having knowledge of PHP is still fair enough to grasp. There will be no stuck with the coding issues in PHP for developers. The best part is the free support through forums, PDF, blogs and social media.It has the largest user base for any scripting language, it is an open source.

PHP has the ability to have power over 30% of the web. It is used for many web applications to integrate memory cache and pusher. PHP always retains speed without slowing down other processes while used with other software too. It has the capability to operate much faster than other scripting language. Thus, PHP is the winner among the other languages.


Survelliance Drones that terrorists can’t escape :

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Survelliance Drones that terrorists can’t escape :

Surveillance drones or unmanned aerial systems (UASs) raise significant issues for privacy and civil liberties. Drones are capable highly advanced surveillance, and drones already in use by law enforcement can carry various types of equipment including live-feed video cameras, infrared cameras, heat sensors, and radar.It looks like a “star trek” bird of prey but acts like a drone that the terrorists cannot escape. It is powered by the sun and can conduct missions without landing for 45 days.

Airbus defence and space calls the new drone the high altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS), but the main thing to know is, what is pseudo satellite? It is a satellite type capabilities like extreme survelliance, the capability that makes it specific is it can be modified with alternative technology.

Some military versions can stay in air the hours for hours or days at a time, and their high-tech cameras can scan entire cities, or alternatively, zoom in and read a milk carton from 60,000 feet. They can also carry wifi crackers and fake cell phone towers that can determine your location or intercept your texts and phone calls. Drone manufacturers even admit they are made to carry “less lethal” weapons such as tasers or rubber bullets.

Drones, officially called “unmanned aerial vehicles,” are used in Canada primarily for surveillance of various kinds, although photographers and film crews are also enthusiastic to exploit their capabilities. Understandably, the industry objects to the term “drones” because of the military connotations, but “drone” is the common term. It is unlikely that the Ottawa citizen was concerned about possible warheads, just about what the machine could see and why it was watching. More countries will also use it in improving their military and security affairs functionalities.

5 New Tools For Graphic Designing:

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5 New Tools For Graphic Designing:

I would like to to explain you all about the new tools that will be used in graphic designing. The designing is plays very important in marketing and branding to represent the company attributes. As it is said the design is so simple and that is why it is complicated. Creativity bleeds from the pen of inspiration. Many startups and new entrepreneurs understand the value of using visuals in their marketing strategy, but why to pay a large amount for it, in this blog I would like to explain you more about the free tools that can prove to be a very ease and creative for the designer to design and create new visual effects.

Good design makes a product useful, by these tools we can change or develop the designs that are significant for oneself to create and it is completely free of cost. The first designing tool I would like to tell you is RECITE



Recite, is a free tool that lets you type in any quote, and auto-generates a great looking visual that’s ready to download. You can share it directly vis social media, or download it as an image file. No credit card required. So use it and create your beautiful visuals.



Venngage is a graphic design software that is completely free to start. There are hundreds of professionally designed templates to choose from and the drag-and-drop interface makes the entire creation process very simple. The premium plans are under $200 a year and allow you to create unlimited graphics.

Content with infographics gets 94% more views than content without. Infographics have also been proven to increase time on page and as a result, Most agencies and design firms, such as are aware of the value of infographics, and start their fees at $3,000 for a single design.


PABLO : the social media tool

Pablo is a free tool offered by Buffer. It works similarly to Recite, but there is a bit more room for customization. Simply upload your own image, or choose from those offered on the tool, and customize your font so that it fits your brand aesthetic. In a matter of seconds you will have the perfect social media image at your disposal.


BEAM chart & graph maker :

If you want to create charts like this one, or perhaps you would prefer to create charts with different statistics, Beam is a completely free graph maker that is stupidly simple to use. Choose from preset color schemes, chart styles and copy and paste your data right into the spreadsheet. The chart will apply your edits live and extremely beautiful.


Snappa Graphic Editor :

If you’re looking for a great library of high-quality photos, as well as professionally curated templates, Snappa is an easy to use graphic editor. Although the tool is not completely free to use, there is a seven day trial available.

What’s really great about this tool is that if you’re making a visual for any social media platform, you can automatically resize your visuals with a couple clicks, magically.

These designing tool will definitely enhance the view of graphics and visuals. One can really enjoy using this and these tools can make the designing easy for the peoples who are associated as graphic designers.




The Eye Tribal : The Eye Tracking System by oculus

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The Eye Tribal : The Eye Tracking System by oculus


The official acquisition of facebook and oculus has given us a direction to look one could control the virtual reality or mobile experience through eyes. The start-up has developed a $99 eye tracking device developer kits for computers and software that can bring Gaze based interface to smartphones and potentially virtual reality headsets.

As per the reports Google has also produced an eye tracking start-up too called eyefluence. Virtual reality systems are doing a pretty good job of immersing users in their virtual worlds, with convincing sound and visuals that put users in the middle of the action.

The simplest concern of a virtual reality system is that the user experience of viewing the things and controlling the things by the gaze of the user. The eye tracking technology is truly convincing as the user gaze is vital source here. An area where today’s VR technology is less effective is interactivity, which is based on monitoring users and ascertaining their intentions.

The tech can do a lot of new things as per as the advancement, the features may include auto scrolling of text while reading or sheet music while playing an instrument and the ability to pause or control a video player with your eyes if your hands are not vacant, moreover one can use eye tracking to let you teleport around your location or show the movement of your eyes. Perhaps after the advancement in the biometrics as used in aadhar card too, the retina scanner use in various purpose for unlocking the lock or else for the security purpose is an eye-candy for user experience and a lot more innovation in this will be definitely going to happen in the coming decades.

How Amazon is going far up than Google and Apple !

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How Amazon is going far up than Google and Apple !


For the above context I would like to explain you about the amazon new product in the technology industry “Amazon Echo”. Amazon Echo the voice assisted speaker was a big hit today in this season. According to a survey Amazon claims that he has sold 9 times as many as devices this month as he has sold earlier. Amazon has also been a pioneer in e-book market with kindle e-readers, also he dominates the important part of cloud segment. It has also generated $12 billion revenue this year. It is also found that amazon will also checkout the revolutionary technology in retail business.

It is said that there will be always growth of innovation in the big company, it has proved himself in every upcoming challenges how to give a strong competition to the competitors like Google in its online services and Apple in its extraordinary advanced hardware.

I would like to explain more about Amazon Echo, a smart speaker developed by amazon, it requires a WiFi connection to work, the device responds to the name “Alexa.” It is basically a 9.25 inches long cylindrical speaker with a seven piece microphone array. The device functionalities like voice interaction, make a to do list, setting an alarm, music playbacks, playing audio books and a lot more makes him perfect to be used as a smart home automation device. In contrast, the next generation of innovations is likely to be more tied to the physical world and to conventional industries like apartment sharing, self-driving cars, retail stores, health care, automobile innovations, and so forth.

As I always used to include in my blogs that the future of technologies will make amaze to those who wants to work in it and produce their own idea product that may create a buzz in the competition every firm is facing.


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As android is upgrading its features as days going on, the transformation in the smartphone are also enhancing its features with the range and demands of the user. The world’s first bendable smartphone made using graphene, which was first developed in Britain, is set to go on sale.


In simple terms, graphene, is a thin layer of pure carbon; it is a single, tightly packed layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. In more complex terms, it is an allotrope of carbon nanometres. The material is so strong that it can be so flexible to be worn as bracelet. These durability makes it use in way you desire. It is approximately 200 times more stronger than the steel.


One thing I would like to add on to these words is, the use of “Graphene” the scientist who discover the material have won the Noble Prize in 2014. Apart from this, the flexible level of the material can be understood by its uses in different commercial purposes like solar panels, medical devices and many more.


The first phone is created by a Chinese firm named MOXI, I would like to explain more about MOXI, as the product has stolen a march on much bigger rivals like Samsung of south korea. The first handsets will be in black and white screen but the company has also produced a full colour version of the device that will also contain video streaming. It is designed as such it can be rolled as a bracelet and can be worn on the wrist. Based on the sale of the product the company will also produce colour screen and other techno enhanced products.


Samsung the giant smartphone manufacturer is working on it to produce the best bendable gadget, it is testing the device in two versions: one that’s powered by a Snapdragon 620 processor made by Qualcomm and another that runs on the chip maker’s faster Snapdragon 820 processor. The bendable phone project will be called Project Valley. It might sounds interesting but by this move peoples are really waiting that when this project will hit the technology although the things like battery, processor, camera and sensors will be prove to be a really big deal.