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How PHP Differ From Other Technology ?


PHP is one of the simplest server-side languages out there, and it was designed primarily for web development. Learning PHP is good not only because it adds one more language to your toolbelt, but also because there is a large number of sites currently built with WordPress, a content management system (CMS) built with PHP.

PHP is a popular scripting language which is widely used by developers to build application and websites like ASP, CGI, and Perl. PHP is used for WordPress and even Facebook utilizes PHP. It always comes with a certain level of credibility and popularity.

PHP is one of the most in- demand skills that each and every developer should adopt. It has almost every aspect that the developer requires for programming. Website development seems incomplete without the use of PHP. The following are the reason that make PHP so popular are given below:


  1. Rapid Application Development
  2. Cloud Ready
  3. Loosely Typed
  4. Open Source
  5. Platform Independent

The other various points which make it different from other is it is easy to learn and it is similar to C and JAVA to an extent. Even if developer only having knowledge of PHP is still fair enough to grasp. There will be no stuck with the coding issues in PHP for developers. The best part is the free support through forums, PDF, blogs and social media.It has the largest user base for any scripting language, it is an open source.

PHP has the ability to have power over 30% of the web. It is used for many web applications to integrate memory cache and pusher. PHP always retains speed without slowing down other processes while used with other software too. It has the capability to operate much faster than other scripting language. Thus, PHP is the winner among the other languages.


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