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How Amazon is going far up than Google and Apple !


For the above context I would like to explain you about the amazon new product in the technology industry “Amazon Echo”. Amazon Echo the voice assisted speaker was a big hit today in this season. According to a survey Amazon claims that he has sold 9 times as many as devices this month as he has sold earlier. Amazon has also been a pioneer in e-book market with kindle e-readers, also he dominates the important part of cloud segment. It has also generated $12 billion revenue this year. It is also found that amazon will also checkout the revolutionary technology in retail business.

It is said that there will be always growth of innovation in the big company, it has proved himself in every upcoming challenges how to give a strong competition to the competitors like Google in its online services and Apple in its extraordinary advanced hardware.

I would like to explain more about Amazon Echo, a smart speaker developed by amazon, it requires a WiFi connection to work, the device responds to the name “Alexa.” It is basically a 9.25 inches long cylindrical speaker with a seven piece microphone array. The device functionalities like voice interaction, make a to do list, setting an alarm, music playbacks, playing audio books and a lot more makes him perfect to be used as a smart home automation device. In contrast, the next generation of innovations is likely to be more tied to the physical world and to conventional industries like apartment sharing, self-driving cars, retail stores, health care, automobile innovations, and so forth.

As I always used to include in my blogs that the future of technologies will make amaze to those who wants to work in it and produce their own idea product that may create a buzz in the competition every firm is facing.

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