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As android is upgrading its features as days going on, the transformation in the smartphone are also enhancing its features with the range and demands of the user. The world’s first bendable smartphone made using graphene, which was first developed in Britain, is set to go on sale.


In simple terms, graphene, is a thin layer of pure carbon; it is a single, tightly packed layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. In more complex terms, it is an allotrope of carbon nanometres. The material is so strong that it can be so flexible to be worn as bracelet. These durability makes it use in way you desire. It is approximately 200 times more stronger than the steel.


One thing I would like to add on to these words is, the use of “Graphene” the scientist who discover the material have won the Noble Prize in 2014. Apart from this, the flexible level of the material can be understood by its uses in different commercial purposes like solar panels, medical devices and many more.


The first phone is created by a Chinese firm named MOXI, I would like to explain more about MOXI, as the product has stolen a march on much bigger rivals like Samsung of south korea. The first handsets will be in black and white screen but the company has also produced a full colour version of the device that will also contain video streaming. It is designed as such it can be rolled as a bracelet and can be worn on the wrist. Based on the sale of the product the company will also produce colour screen and other techno enhanced products.


Samsung the giant smartphone manufacturer is working on it to produce the best bendable gadget, it is testing the device in two versions: one that’s powered by a Snapdragon 620 processor made by Qualcomm and another that runs on the chip maker’s faster Snapdragon 820 processor. The bendable phone project will be called Project Valley. It might sounds interesting but by this move peoples are really waiting that when this project will hit the technology although the things like battery, processor, camera and sensors will be prove to be a really big deal.

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