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A brilliant approach towards “CYBERSECURITY”



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Cyber security is the branch of the technologies that is formed by the processes and practices to protect the network and computer programs along with data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. For the computing context, as the web to connect with the world and several information by using the internet, we also require security. So that our wok or data doesn’t get trapped by the unwanted or unknown peoples. There are several approaches world is using and making their data secure and by adding more high-level security patches.

As the technologies are evolving the new security features are added but as there are two faces of coins like two faces of everything along with positivity and development of something good there are means that can turn out to be in another track leading it into negative side. There are several major areas in which cyber security is essential are application security, information security, network security and disaster recovery

The blockchain provides an alternative approach to storing and sharing information provides a way out of this security mess. The hacking technology has also made a great move in the tampering the user network and making the information out by steal and spoof identities. The block chain’s technology has enabled secure transactions with the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum could now serve as the tool for preventing the cyber attacks and security incidents.

Blockchains can increase security on the three ways:

Blocking identity theft

Stopping denial of service attacks

Data tampering



It is a popular form of cryptography that provides security for e-mails, messaging applications, websites and another medium of communications. The encrypted end to end information provides the user authorities to have safe conversations. It will definitely provide people the authenticated way to users conversation by securing it from the third party. In blockchain, the publishing keys on a blockchain instead would eliminate the risk of the failure and false key propagation and remove the shadow of the doubt.

Certcoin is the first implementations of the block-chain-based PKI. It removes the central authorities altogether and uses the block chain as a distributed platform of domains. It also provides a public and auditable PKI that also doesn’t have a single point of failure. Another tech research company Pomcor published a blueprint for a blockchain based PKI that doesn’t remove central authorities but uses blockchains to store hashes of issued and revoked certificates with a decentralized and transparent source. It also has the benefit of optimizing network access by performing key and signature verification on local copies of the blockchain.



We sometimes use sign documents and files with private keys so that the recipient and users can verify the source handling data. The blockchain alternative to document signing replaces the transparency, distributing evidence across many blockchains nodes making it practically impossible to manipulate data without getting caught.



A blockchain project led by the data security startup guard time is one group that aims to replace the key based authentication. KSI stores the hashes of the data and files on the blockchain and verifies other copies by running several algorithms and comparing the results that is stored on the blockchain.

In the evolving new tech trends, cybersecurity threats will continue to emerge while the old threats are in continuation. Blockchain may not be a good source to fix everything that is wrong with the internet but it is the powerful tool that will definitely lessen the risk of threats that surround us, especially where centralized weaknesses and single point of failures are concerned.




” For every lock there is someone out there trying to pick it or break in”

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