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5 New Tools For Graphic Designing:

I would like to to explain you all about the new tools that will be used in graphic designing. The designing is plays very important in marketing and branding to represent the company attributes. As it is said the design is so simple and that is why it is complicated. Creativity bleeds from the pen of inspiration. Many startups and new entrepreneurs understand the value of using visuals in their marketing strategy, but why to pay a large amount for it, in this blog I would like to explain you more about the free tools that can prove to be a very ease and creative for the designer to design and create new visual effects.

Good design makes a product useful, by these tools we can change or develop the designs that are significant for oneself to create and it is completely free of cost. The first designing tool I would like to tell you is RECITE



Recite, is a free tool that lets you type in any quote, and auto-generates a great looking visual that’s ready to download. You can share it directly vis social media, or download it as an image file. No credit card required. So use it and create your beautiful visuals.



Venngage is a graphic design software that is completely free to start. There are hundreds of professionally designed templates to choose from and the drag-and-drop interface makes the entire creation process very simple. The premium plans are under $200 a year and allow you to create unlimited graphics.

Content with infographics gets 94% more views than content without. Infographics have also been proven to increase time on page and as a result, Most agencies and design firms, such as are aware of the value of infographics, and start their fees at $3,000 for a single design.


PABLO : the social media tool

Pablo is a free tool offered by Buffer. It works similarly to Recite, but there is a bit more room for customization. Simply upload your own image, or choose from those offered on the tool, and customize your font so that it fits your brand aesthetic. In a matter of seconds you will have the perfect social media image at your disposal.


BEAM chart & graph maker :

If you want to create charts like this one, or perhaps you would prefer to create charts with different statistics, Beam is a completely free graph maker that is stupidly simple to use. Choose from preset color schemes, chart styles and copy and paste your data right into the spreadsheet. The chart will apply your edits live and extremely beautiful.


Snappa Graphic Editor :

If you’re looking for a great library of high-quality photos, as well as professionally curated templates, Snappa is an easy to use graphic editor. Although the tool is not completely free to use, there is a seven day trial available.

What’s really great about this tool is that if you’re making a visual for any social media platform, you can automatically resize your visuals with a couple clicks, magically.

These designing tool will definitely enhance the view of graphics and visuals. One can really enjoy using this and these tools can make the designing easy for the peoples who are associated as graphic designers.




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