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32 Bit versus 64 Bit !which is faster and secured?

32 Bit versus 64 Bit !which is faster and secured?

Mar 27, 2011

32 Bit v/s 64 Bit,which is faster and secured?

Microsoft Launched its First 64 -bit operating system on Windows vista and windows 7 with all latest security patches along with 32-bit operating versions.But it is interesting to inform you that 64-bit processor exist early 1970’s in supercomputers.In 2003 ,they were introduced in personal computers.

Many  Programmers now works on 64-bit operationg systems because they k now the future is 64-bit.but,since now,35% of applications(B,C grade) are not fully compatible with 64 bits.But whether adobe reader,Microsoft Office 2003,2007,2010 ,dreamweaver,browsers(chrome,firefox),Nokia PC-suite are fully supported by 64-bits operating systems because they all are A-grade.

The meaning of 64 -bit is that it has 64 bit register which allows once at an  instant to processes 64 bit data with multiply ram size for  performance.A common misconception is that 64-bit architectures are no better than 32-bit architectures unless the computer has more than 4 GB of main memory. This is not entirely true.

I am using 1 gb ram laptop(IBM) with 64-bit processor

and all works fine with better performance than 32 bit.

Advantages in using Windows 64-bit Operating systems:

1.Microsoft has enhanced security in Windows 64-bit that is not available in 32-bit.Latest security updates and Patches boost your security and performance.

2.Hardware-based Data Execution Prevention (DEP): Modern CPUs are now supporting hardware-based DEP but only 64-bit of Windows supports hardware-based DEP.

3.Kernel Patch Protection (PatchGuard): One type of malware is called Rootkit. If you have 64-bit edition of Windows, you can enjoy protection against kernel-based rootkits. You can also avoid BSOD if you have 64-bit edition of Windows because PatchGuard does not allow any drivers to modify the kernel in Windows.

4.Driver Signing: 64-bit of Windows will only allow installation of device drivers that is digitally signed by its developer.
Disadvantages of using Windows 64-bit Operating system:

1.All softwares/applications are not fully supported by 64-bit operating system.

2.Allow restict for making illegal experiments on windows files.Therefore ,you now not allow to experiment on windows graphics,drivers to make it compatible.

3.Many Internet Security not compatible in real sense:I think you are not well-aware of the fact that even in market many antivirus make promises that they are 64 – bit compatible.But in real sense,only 40% of the total antivirus in the world are compatible(100%) rest 60-90%.Its create Problems in your performance,speed and,choose correct one.



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The notification of the apple ios upgrade brings some important fixes that make it an important and essentially required update. It has announced this update after four betas and six weeks of public testing and the end result the update which doesn’t fascinated the users as much as it should. The ios 10 compatible devices will get this update. To get this update is damn simple as the update prompts is received in the device automatically but if one don’t get the update as notification as it can happen one can go into the settings and then general settings and one can found the software update option right there if their device is compatible enough for the update.

By clicking in then software update option one can get their devices updated frequently without any other formalities. Ios updates will be differ in the size depending on the user device. The ios 10.2.1 is on the small side at between 30 MB to 90 MB, but its appearances may change accordingly so that is a very big deal some users can face.

Though the update is tested by the several users and as the apple has promised its user to deal with the battery drainage bug in the device. But he has not done that perfectly which makes its users quite dull and unhappy as it is found that the update has made the 30 % battery drainage even worse after their devices are updated. Affected users began commenting or tweeting after the updates are done they were not found it so worthfull.


So what was the deal?

The jailbreaker :

The meaning of the above word in the software world is the modifications in the smartphone or other electronics devices to remove the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or the operator.  In the ios 10.2.1 update there is no jailbreak and with these to hack ios proving increasingly any user who wants the jailbroken devices will need to stay clear.

The other bug that is making the people insane is the 30 % battery drainage remains unfixed. As per as the reports from several big users but the bug of the battery discharge has not been resolved. According to the apple there is no bug that exists in any iphone model except the iphone 6s. People are becoming more exhausted of this bug rather than the other ones. Other bit problems that users experience was the dimming displays and degraded wifi performance and some Bluetooth issues.


So what should we expect?

The ios 10.2.1 is a bug fix pure, simple and improves the security of the device. There were some vulnerabilities ios 10.2.1 fixes across like auto unlock, wifi and webkit flaws. By all this issues the move that the apple made is quite frustrating. About 30% bug is absurd. Ios 10.2.1 is widely regarded as causing the problem so as an ios update will be able to fix it or not the users wants to know.