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Whatsapp to end its services in old smartphones

The WhatsApp is going to enable some users to access WhatsApp service on their smartphones. This New Year, WhatsApp was not an option for many people to send greetings to their friends and family. As it was announced earlier WhatsApp will not be working in the outdated android versions like android 2.2, iPhones running on ios 6 or older as well as the handful of smartphones running windows phone 7 or earlier version as well as other smartphones those are not updated or are lacking features. Many people are lost access to WhatsApp. According to WhatsApp, it was a difficult decision for the company.

Whatsapp is most popularly used messenger application, but as the WhatsApp is enhancing its capabilities it need to expand in its application in feature seems difficult for it to change as the old users are using the system that lacks features. Whatsapp has grown over the years picking up good resources features like voice calling and video calling. From the security point of view, it has pushed the end to end encryption techniques to provide a proper security patches to its users.

Some android manufacturers are also responsible for some of this as their policy not to push new software updates to existing android devices after a particular interval of time drag many users outdated. Also many brands and low-cost devices, the support life cycle is often shorter.

About 0.1 % of all the android devices still run in android 2.2. so, it will be a huge uncomfortable for them this year as their Whatsapp will not work in their device. Now users are left with the choice to find other messenger application services but that too is a difficult quest as it is hard to find a device that will support their device.

Many other android applications like telegram and skype have also quietly pulled out their support services for android smartphones running versions like older than 4.0 ice cream, sandwich. Facebook messenger also doesn’t support these older mobile operating system and older versions than 4.0.3 and iPhone running ios 7.

So in this growing digital age, one must move along with technologies and must get upgraded their devices to abruptly use it over time. Likewise for such users purchasing new smartphone will be a better option.




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