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Foldable Cardboard ‘EcoHelmet’

Ecohelmets are as the name suggest are ecological friendly helmet it was designed basically for the cyclist and bike-shares to give them the safety measure and to build confidence that they can ride confidently. The Ecohelmet is fully biodegradable and is inexpensively available in some online stores. The person can buy it easily, use it and after it can be recycled easily without any extra means.

It has several uses, it is so compact in size that it can get into a laptop bag. The helmet is made of waterproofed recycled paper in a radical arranged like rays. It is similar to honeycomb pattern and absorbs the air current from any direction. It folds for the easy handle and almost fits any size head.

EcoHelmet gives bike share users a helmet that can be purchased with the bike rental and recycled after the ride. Its flat folded state is ideal for vending machines and it requires no assembly to put on. Just place on the head, pull down the straps and clip. The naturally stretchy material conforms to most head sizes.

The unique cell structure distributes any impact evenly around the head as effectively as a traditional polystyrene helmet. Due to the radial nature of the cells, it will protect the user from a blow coming from any direction. A biodegradable coating makes it resistant to rain for up to three hours. The main purpose of the helmet is that it can be recycled and thus will be efficient in the form of making nature-friendly and less waste management as well as it is available in cheap rates making it very user-friendly.

EcoHelmet is a fully recyclable product. Ideally, a special disposal container would be made available at bike rental stations, allowing used EcoHelmets to be recycled into new ones with minimal waste. The material cost (recycled paper and biodegradable coating and adhesive) are so minimal that the individual units could be sold for under $5.

These inventions will encourage many other ecofriendly projects and more innovations will be made in order to produce more recyclable products that will be very enhancing in future to leading technologies.



“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy”



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