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CYBERSECURITY – Warning from insecure public WiFi

The utmost need to work with the internet and online connections is security. To protect the system from the attacks of different malware and cyber bullying, enabling the system from the end to end secure connection.  People should learn most recent trends in online attacks so that they can protect themselves. It is essential that we should understand how cybersecurity works.

Internet security is a complex field, while using the internet we are in an ocean of information. One must always try to use antivirus to defend their database from the hackers. Public wifi hotspots may provide eavesdroppers some information as anybody can use them, and you never know who you are sharing cyberspace with. Basically, public insecure wifi network hotspots present tempting targets to hackers. One can use VPN in mobile devices as an additional measure. VPNs actually encrypt all of your web traffic, so that even if your data is intercepted, it is completely indecipherable to the thief. it provides a way to access blocked websites. this application is worth installing. Another protection method one can use is always have the latest antivirus software on your device and that firewall is fully functional on these public networks.

Public wi-fi hotspots can be both friend and foe during your travels unless you take precautions. It’s up to you to protect your computer, your smartphone, your data, and your privacy with good tools and cautious computing habits. We hope the above data will make you aware of the things you should prefer for the secure internet use. Jain Software, one of the renowned IT company is also supporting the cause for cyber security, by organizing various workshops and also providing various internet antiviruses for PC’s in very cheap rate. Thus, just be secure and use the ocean of knowledge in a protective and efficient way

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