How to check Graphics Card Memory in windows 7/windows vista/Windows xp?

Graphics Card is valuable component of CPU fitted in Motherboard.Its Allow to display images/animations/effect on the moniter.

There is different types of graphics cards available in the Market vary from 128mb- to 2gb.To Determine the available Graphics Memory in your laptop/computer,use a built-in diagnostic tool in Windows operating systems.


1.Click start,On run ,Type dxdiag and hit enter.

2.Click the “Display” tab . This window lists the graphics card version, driver, memory, current display mode,memory allocated and manufacturer.

3.This form display total physical memory,total Graphics memory,and Minimum Graphics Memory .(in windows 7,vista,xp).


Method 2:

1.Click control+alt+f12

2.Intel graphics and media control panel is shown on option and  supports under information  center.

5.the complete details  regarding version,memory is shown.




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