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The pictures are meant to be the most important in making memories as Memories lasts, life doesn’t. Air Selfie Camera is the first flying camera in the size of a smartphone. It is the latest advance in the never-ending technological pursuit of the perfect selfie. The nanoscopic quadrotor fits in the palm of your hand and slides into a custom phone case for storage and charging.

It is the only portable flying camera in mobile size with micro flying technologies. It can only fly for three minutes, but that is enough time for its intended use of capturing a quick group selfie when arms and even selfie sticks can’t extend far enough to get everyone in the picture.

It can fly up to 20 meters and weighs around 52 grams. The best thing is that it is easily controllable through android and ios device. It also has a phone cover and three flight modes that allow you to pilot the airselfie with varying degrees of control. One can also rotate the phone into landscape or portrait mode. The landscape orientation is to turn flight mode on which turns your phone into the controller, giving you full freedom.

The most simple feature is the on-screen buttons move with drone farther away or closer to you. This mode allows you to control the drone virtual joystick for more flight options. Once you find the appropriate angle then the airselfie camera will automatically hover and enable the user to explore new prospectives.

It is easy to share pictures from your android phone also when you’re done flying, simply pluck the AirSelfie out of the air, which can be done safely with your bare hand. Return it to its case and it will recharge in 30 minutes. Air Selfie Camera that shoots five-megapixel stills or HD video. The AirSelfie may just be the most convenient yet, because of its pocketable design.

I would also like to drag your attention while reading this towards its technical features and specifications.

  • It is equipped with sophisticated sensors that are a gyro, barometer, and geomagnetic sensor.
  • It also has 2.4G wifi, altitude sonar, and smallest but powerful brushless motor. The outer surface is designed with safety.
  • Beside this, it also has a built-in micro SD card of 4 GB which provides the user amazing storage to store a lot of things in the device.
  • The outlet of the device is of anodized aluminum case (Italian designed) material.
  • Its compact and portable design make user easy to carry it. So that the people can carry it anywhere they want to and use it accordingly all the times.




” The Camera is a save button for the mind’s eye, lets take a selfie then :)



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